moving on

I have many fond memories of my days on 20six but I can't keep having more than one blog and updating none of them. I've set up a new blog on blogger because I feel like the Undercovercookie part of me is in the past and I'm like someone else now.  I also cannot keep calling him the Gorgeous Landlord anymore.


At the new address , he is known as the Sous Chef.


Hopefully I'll see you there.



21.7.08 14:55

oh my!

 Crumbs! you neglect your blog for a few months and come back to find they've changed everything! I feel like a newbie again, having to work out what all the buttons do/mean.



20.5.08 20:59

last day

My last day at my old job was spent shredding. I was shredding like an ENRON employee during an audit (except I wasn't shredding anything important - at least I HOPE not). Most of my excess paperwork contains national insurance numbers and birth dates so it has to be shredded and boy does it feel good to take large chunks of your accumulated paperwork and watch it being eaten up and turned into confetti. I think that was the best day at work I've ever had.

Much of the rest I boxed up and sent to other people. Releasing that responsibility was almost as good as the shredding.  

Afterwards, despite the bad weather and it being a Tuesday, people showed up for my leaving drinkies and  

new job starts Monday and I'm really not nervous (at least not yet). I'm in the mood for a change. I'm looking forward to the freshness. I can't wait to get cracking.





18.1.08 12:54

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